(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. equine; stallion, mare, colt, filly, foal, gelding; steed, mount; trotter, pacer, hackney; nag, hack, pony, charger, courser; dobbin, jennet; cavalry; sawhorse; bronco, mustang, cayuse; Arab. See animal, transportation, combatant.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A domestic animal]
Syn. nag, draft animal, plow horse, racer, saddlehorse, steed, mount, charger, stallion, gelding, hack, mare, dobbin, roadster, palfrey, pad, thoroughbred, pacer, trotter, cob, hunter, courser, posthorse, piebald, calico pony, equine, quadruped, Pferd (German), cheval (French), caballo (Spanish); see also animal , pony .
Breeds and types of horses include: Clydesdale, Shire, Belgian, Galloway, Shetland, Lipizzaner, Waler, Percheron, Appaloosa, French coach, Morgan, Suffolk, Hackney, Ardennes, Hanoverian, Flemish, Arabian, Thoroughbred, quarter horse, Barbary, barb, mustang, bronco, pinto, palomino, Hambletonian.
2. [An upright structure]
Syn. trestle, support, bench, stage, scaffold, easel, tripod, bolster, clotheshorse, sawhorse, vaulting block.
back the wrong horse,
Syn. support the losing side, pick the loser, misjudge; see lose 3 .
beat or [m1]flog a dead horse*,
Syn. argue an issue that is already settled, nag, harp on; see overdo 1 .
from the horse's mouth*,
Syn. originally, from an authority, according to the source of the information; see officially 1 .
hold one's horses*,
Syn. curb one's impatience, slow down, relax; see restrain 1 .
on one's high horse*,
Syn. arrogant, haughty, disdainful; see egotistic 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
equine, steed, mount, nag, pony, *bronc, stallion, mare, *plug, *crowbait.
colors and markings
beige with black mane: buckskin
beige with brown or light mane: dun
black and white: piebald
black speckles: medicine hat
bluish gray: grulla, smokey
bronze or coppery: chestnut, sorrel
brownish sprinkled with gray and white: roan
palomino color: buttermilk, golden patches of white over any coat color except
black: skewbald
piebald or spotted: calico, pinto, dappled, paint
reddish brown with black mane: bay
stripe extending down back: eel stripe, dorsal stripe
white above fetlock: stocking
white below fetlock: sock
white marking around nostril: snip
white marking between eyes: star
white streak on face: blaze, race
white with white mane: palomilla
yellowish cross of sorrel and dun: claybank
Appaloosa, Arabian, Cleveland bay, Clydesdale, Dartmoor, Exmoor, French Trotter, Hackney, hunter, Lipizzaner, Morgan, palomino, Percheron, quarter horse, saddlebred, Shetland, Shire, standardbred, Suffolk, Tennessee Walking
back, highest portion of: withers
bangs: forelock
barnyard play area: paddock
bent-backed: swaybacked, hogbacked
breeding mare: brood mare
breeding period of mare: heat
bushy tail: broomtail
care and feeding of, for a fee: livery
castrated male: gelding
cattle horse: cutting horse
comb: currycomb
command to turn left: haw
command to turn right: gee
cry of: neigh, whinny, snort
disease: staggers, distemper, loco, spavin, heaves
equipment: appointments, breastplate, bridle, bit, cheek straps, crownpiece, throatlatch, headband, blinder, cavesson, reins, saddle, halter, hackamore
feeding trough: manger
female under age four: filly
gait: walk, trot, lope, canter, gallop, rack, volt, fox trot
gentle farm horse: dobbin
half-turn: caracole
Indian: pinto, cayuse, mustang
joint above hoof: fetlock
leap, playful four-legged: gambado
leap straight up: capriole
male under age four: colt
measurement of four inches: hand
mythological: Pegasus, centaur
nervous movement sideways or backwards: jib
newborn: foal
nose and mouth area: muzzle
pen: corral
pertaining to: equestrian, equine
race: steeplechase, derby
riding competition: gymkhana
riding pants, boots: jodhpurs
rising and falling in English riding style: posting
shelter: stall, stable
short-legged horse: cob
sideways gait: volt
smooth, refined gait for show: dressage
stand up on rear legs: rear
strong horse used for pulling: draft horse
stud’s herd: harras
sweat: lather
trained: broken, bridlewise
trot in place for show: piaffe
upjerk of head: bridle
wild or half-wild: mustang, bronco
winker: blinder Horse, thoroughbred

English dictionary for students. 2013.


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